Meet Shannon Cook, Photographer // Videographer

Shannon is originally from Fort Collins, Colorado, but now calls Stillwater, Oklahoma home. She enjoys traveling across the Plains, meeting new customers and consistently delivering a quality product to established ones.

Shannon was raised showing horses and cattle. After college she pursued a career in livestock photography and videography across the country. She has a solid understanding and appreciation of both the cattle and horse businesses, with the skills and background that enable her to work quietly and naturally around livestock. Her family established Royal Vista Equine in Colorado, expanding later to Oklahoma and California, and she’s been blessed to work for some of the nation’s most prominent cattle producers.

Shannon joined Focus Marketing Group in 2013, honing her photography and videography skills. Since then she’s worked as a freelancer for customers across the nation.

Shannon’s experience and knowledge of the cattle and horse industries shine through her photography and videography, showcasing the traits that are important to you and your customers. She also has an artistic streak, which can work to set your livestock apart from the visual clutter of sale catalogs and flyers. She understands how hard you work to produce quality cattle and horses, and, in true Tri-State Livestock News tradition, she works just as hard to show them off.

With the customer’s input, Shannon guides the entire videography/photography process from concept to distribution. She’s adept at listening to producers’ needs and translating those into a product that exceeds expectations.

Give Shannon a call to see what her expertise can offer your business.

— Tri-State Livestock News